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I Wonder

Just a poem I wrote for the single romantics tonight. Stay in love, with life and yourself, and one day you’ll find another soul to love you for all you are.


“I Wonder”

If I could see your eyes right now, would they seem like the sea?
Deep and caught in sunlight bright, a turquoise mystery?
Or maybe touched with gold and green, like forest nymphs in shade,
Or even dark as the vast night, immersive and star-scathed.

I wonder how your laughter sounds, how does your face lit up,
And when you smile would my heart soar like cotton swept in gusts?
Your voice I dream would swing through me like melodies that lull,
The quaking heart and stormy days, the thunder that shakes all.
Your lips might sear my wondering soul, yet tenderly and kind,
Your hands might light a spark that burns this innocence that binds.

And through the days I wonder how our bond would face the time,
What dreams we’ll meet, what lands we’ll see, what obstacles we’ll climb.
And will we last until winter has gathered out so cold?
And will we warm each other’s soul until we’ve withered old?
I’m sure your smile will be the same, your laugh will stay so young,
As once in days we fell in love, through seasons come and gone.

I wonder now so many things, but know this with my heart,
Someday I’ll meet you, my sweet love, and no longer be apart.


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