Let me trouble you
with trouble.

I have heard a piano played
discordant, askew like
a tie not quite right. and yet
i smile like watching
a kid walking for the first time
and laughing
even after the stumbles

How lovely, sweet,
to love mistakes
and dizzy imperfections

like scuff marks on shoes
and silly complaints
it’s hot today
i’m tired, hungry
lonely like an
unloved puppy

May I trouble you
with trouble?

Yes, you may. and i will love you
like kisses on a bruise
and lemonade, sweating
in a cool glass, like
red faced stutters from
misplaced words
and capsized worries
spilled into my palm
and condensed into
yours, a handful
of troubles

and laughed away
like learning how to walk
all over again

and that is truly
not trouble
at all.

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