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You have
moved me,

a thousand galaxies,
groaning, shifting,
One mile a million years
of silver dust and fire,
smoldering into
the beauty that is
our night

like raindrop grapes
plucked off vine,
skillfully pressed
by hands of women
with smile and song
on wizened lips
a hundred years ago
caught, bottled,
poured slow
in the glass
we share now

a low boil
of stew, hours long
stirred, discerned
to beef and bouillon,
clove and onion
before the welcome,
parting demise
of it’s patiently
delicious effort
into our

You have
moved me,

so I have learned
the language behind
every expressive
stretch of time,
so slowly stirring
something beautiful
to love.

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Pull the switch from the back of your head. Disconnect
the torrents that buzz
snap sting pics and passing words and
nothingness evaporating quick,
one second of pixelular pleasure
electrified quick before another.
A face has lost it’s tangible quality, the
movement of expression traded for megabytes,
Warmth of touch light of smile compressed into the electric whir and zap trap of the liquid crystal display.
We worry to pull the cord
as if our existence depended
on this small cellular box, when in fact
It is measured
By the damp of earth beneath our feet
The sizzle crack of stars alight in our eyes
The sensual embrace of an ocean as we
drift and drown onward into the mystery
of here and now.
Where the sounds of laughter stuff your ears, and you feel the joy burst the atoms that make up your body
Where your palms have unearthed tasted and replanted, gardens of love
that reach onward into the hand of a
tangible future
Lit by the light of the Sun
and not by the glow
of a screen.

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