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“My Stowaway”

Little boy, my stowaway, curled beneath my heart,
drifting sleepy soft and coy, never far apart.
Do you smile I wonder now, when I say goodnight,
do you calm at the sweet songs, so you sleep so tight?

In the morn’ I wonder if, you smile as just I do?
Looking forward to each day I get to spend with you?
I can feel each little stretch, little foot and fist,
every hiccup on and on, every jump and twist.

And I know you love the most, chocolate milk, ice cream,
asking for that every night, waking me from dreams.
And I know you also hate, loud sounds boom and sneeze,
you kick and punch and bundle tight and make my stomach squeeze.

I wonder what you look like too, how cute will be that nose?
I cannot wait to kiss your cheek, your forehead and your toes.
And will your eyes be like the night, or blue as a bright sky?-
eyes to embrace the whole grand world, with laughter and with sigh.

And when the day comes when we meet, I cannot wait to say,
My little boy, my stowaway, I love you, every day.


For my little Tamim Mathew Issa – born 9/9/16

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