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When I think too much and say too little,
and end up feeling strange and mental,
I pull a book that smells of dust,
and bury deep in those inked rusts,
and find my thoughts are not alone —
In fact they’re made to feel welcomed,
as if the writer knew my dreams,
and wrote of realms and magic things,
and all those shady hidden thoughts
have surfaced up like bubble pops, ah! —
How fun and lovely is a friend
That speaks to you with ink and pen.
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“a sense of”

The spaces in my heart have filled, the noise has simmered down, and in the nestle of your arms, I’ve lost the golden crown.

The longest time the ground has shook, and now I’ve found┬ámy feet, so steady here beside your own, surrendered in defeat.

And where your kiss has planted, upon a startled brow, the storms subsided to a dim, the rain a trickle now.

And this small hand has weathered long, the chill and empty air, now blankets warm and easy in the promise of you near.

In other words I’ve missed you, and when you’re here I feel, pure happiness and a sense of peace, unthethered and revealed.

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“over coffee”

speak my language, darling
let me hear
the flutter of your dreams
free-falling from your lips
as we wander
the dawns
and nightfalls
of your heart
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