-part one-

Oh door, you have been shut,
the better to quiet the noise.
And yes, the handle has rattled
and the wood has banged
under the weight of your pressures.
But oh, I have not budged
from where I stood. I did not wince
at the agonies or the hounds. And perhaps
a thousand trains passed, or
a hundred storms raged, yet
I did not hear
a sound.

-part two-

the banging had stopped. quiet
after the rain.

I listened.

I heard laughter.
I heard music.
I saw a bit of light from
under the crack.
Curious, I unlocked it.
Pushed it open, just a peek.
a bit more.
How funny, yes. How funny
to realize
how I’ve missed
the light of
your ways.

All you had to do
was smile.

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