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When I think too much and say too little,
and end up feeling strange and mental,
I pull a book that smells of dust,
and bury deep in those inked rusts,
and find my thoughts are not alone —
In fact they’re made to feel welcomed,
as if the writer knew my dreams,
and wrote of realms and magic things,
and all those shady hidden thoughts
have surfaced up like bubble pops, ah! —
How fun and lovely is a friend
That speaks to you with ink and pen.
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“Bedtime Stories”

Let me dim the lights just so,
the shadows creep against the walls
and mad men stumble drunk through halls
and sweethearts scatter wrought with woes.

Let me turn the page just so
the valleys darken long and low
and ice frosts over mountains long
and caverns breathe out broken songs.

Let me pause a line just so
you worry where to sleep and hide
while villains wait with smiles so bright
to tempt the lost out from the night.

Let me read the words just so
you hold the sword up high and strong:
The demons buckle from the throng-
A thousand heroes a mile long.

Let me close the book just so
you lie your weary head and go
where dreams have carved a golden throne
for heroes bedtime story-born.

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