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i gently rouse
from my afternoon nap,
i’m slightly startled
i had fallen asleep.
i am met
by the stuffing of sounds-
a train rattling by,
road hungry, devouring
belly full of fire
huffing gas and ambition
like stout men off to work.
the tapping of keys
on a laptop. business. a dance
of spider fingers
weaving a bit of work
into a webbed success,
rain. ahh. pattering, cascading,
river drenching
a sun-dried weary
suburban forest.
lightning. thunder. if the powers
had children
i imagine them now
rough-housing like tumble weeds
amongst the clouds.

delicious, i think, and i cozy back
in my nap time after-haze,
enjoying this afternoon-
quite soundly-
with a sigh.

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